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Through diligent and hard work, RFC has been lifted to the high standard of one of the best companies in the furniture industry in Ghana.

Established in 2001 out of a desire to bring a unique customer-oriented approach to the contract marketplace, we design durable, elegant furniture that excels at meeting all core requirements. Combined with a huge array of choices, prices, and scales, our customers can always find the best possible option that suit their tastes. Also, with dedicated support throughout the specification, ordering process and time delivery, our customers’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.

In our years of expertise, we have learned that customer satisfaction can be summed up in one word: “consistency”.

We have achieved superior levels of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the finest details in everything we do, after which we have provided the best consistent services.

That is how we have developed thousands of product installations throughout Ghana from Accra to Kumasi, supported by an industry-leading warranty and a dedication to an outstanding customer service.

RFC is a fully integrated manufacturer of local furniture concentrating on three key segments of the contract market such as Homes, Corporate bodies and Government institutions. However, we are also specialist furniture supplier of a wide range of European and International brands tailored for commercial, government and residential spaces.

Rehoboth Furniture and Construction experience
Years of experience in Wood industry - 22 years
Years of experience in construction - 10 years

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